Playing and winning on penny slot machines

Penny slot machines are appealing to most casino enthusiasts. Playing them doesn’t require a lot of money, even with just a cent, players will play and win huge.

Penny slot machines are how gambling places use psychology to get the edge over gamblers. When casinos name some of the offers Penny slot machines, they make them easier to afford than they truly are. That, in turn, attracts players who are avoiding quarter and nickel slots.

A good number of Penny slot machines ask gamblers to wager on many paylines or to wager over a single cent on every line. It is very simple when engaging in slots which have five reels and twenty-five paylines to bet 1.25 dollars per spin without knowing it.

That is why players are always advised to be knowledgeable and be keen about the games they choose to play. Gambling platforms just like any other business are looking to make money and nobody should begrudge them back. It is the duty of the players to find out the charges linked to playing casino games. The Penny slots may be a great deal however they might also empty players’ wallets quicker than one could imagine.

Playing: The best penny slot machines to play

The best penny slot machines to play have different odds from the games provided at high stakes at land casinos. You may even come out ahead of your bankroll through engaging in high stake games gambling platforms.

This is why it is always good to choose gambling platforms where games odds are stable no matter the betting level.

No matter the amount you bet, you will have the same house edge when you are playing at online casinos. Also, you will have access to more wider ranges of the best penny slot machines to play

The best slots depend on how a person plays. For instance, a player can be interested in:

  • Bonus rounds

  • The core game action

  • Playing in America or another nation

There are a variety of best penny slot machines to play. Examples include:

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Monopoly 

  • The Dark Knight

  • The Wizard of Oz

The amount wagered on penny slot machines:

The penny slot machines can cost more than a cent. Especially at land casinos, the lowest spinning amount may be fifty or even one hundred credits. That simply means you will be betting one dollar per spin. This is also the main reason why the penny slot machines account for fifty percent of the income of gambling places.

That is because while the credits unit is worth one penny, players may be prompted to bet on all paylines, many at times with several credits on every line. Wagering five credits per line on twenty paylines and five reels slots implies that you are betting one hundred credits on every spin.

Even when you do it slowly (spinning every ten seconds), you will be making six spins each minute or 360 dollars spins per hour. This isn’t what a penny slot machine player plans to do.

But most penny slot machines don’t need making the highest bet. If you choose the best penny slot machines to play, you will find that they have low spins of twenty-five or just five cents. That implies that players may put one penny on each line without breaking their bankroll.

Winning: How to win on penny slot machines

There are many tips on how to win on penny slot machines. There is even plenty of advice on how to increase wins and ways of lowering losses. Most of the tips you will get can be useful and there are others which won’t help.

Like there are tips online which encourage players to increase their bets when winning and lower their bets when losing. Such advice should be ignored because the bet size never matters when it comes to winning in casino games.  

Each spin on penny slots is independent. Whether you are winning or losing, that doesn’t determine the next outcome. So, lowering or increasing your bet won’t change anything.

There are also other articles online which advise players to avoid cold machine. There is nothing like hot or cold machines except in retrospect. Naturally, people search for patterns in events and believe that they imply something. However, when it comes to how to win on penny slot machines, there are no patterns, they only existed in the old times and they resulted to pure chance.

Every penny slot machine spin is completely independent of the spins after or before it.

Some of the useful tips on how to win on penny slot machines include:

Determining earlier how much money you are ready to lose when playing. This is the best thing to do when playing any gambling game. It helps players to treat their game budget the way they should, as a fun expense.

Penny slot machines are entertaining however they might also cost a lot than players could expect. Learn about the realities behind penny slots before choosing to play. 

When betting on penny slots, you can expect to win five hundred dollars and above.

All penny slot machines with best odds reveal their highest payouts. Some of them are even linked to huge progressive jackpots which are lucrative. But never get excited about the jackpots without reading their rules and regulations. 

Normally, to get the jackpot players are required to bet the highest amount on every spin or at least have bets on all paylines. Read the game rules before playing to avoid disappointments at the end.

The penny slot machines with best odds

They include:

  • Book of Dead

  • Golden Colts

  • Blaze of Ra

  • Pirates Charm

  • Vikings Go to hell

  • Divine Fortune

  • Gold King

  • Valley of the Gods


Penny slots may be costly especially when one is required to wager on all paylines. However, when one wishes to spend less, there are many cheap penny slot machines with best odds to choose from. Another amazing thing is that all penny slot games don’t require gamblers to wager on all available paylines, you can adjust them and you can adjust the coin size and the coins per line. So, it is possible to still play with one cent. 

But again, remember that playing using just one cent per line might become boring so quickly. One major thing to take home here is that the penny slots are the most affordable games to choose from. Players should even consider mixing land casino sessions, playing at land casinos can be more exciting than playing online.

But when it comes to bankroll management, consider online penny slot machines with best odds. When you play ten to twenty paylines at a single cent, you might stretch the money further.

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