How to play Steam Vault

Steam Vault is a gambling slot game in an online casino on slot machines. Steam Vault is a steam engine; and in the context of the game, it's more of a treasure store with steam engines. The main feature of the game is the usage of steam Punk style. Steampunk's style presupposes the Victorian era of the 19th century when steam engine technology was introduced; there is the ubiquitous use of real materials: copper, brass, wood, various mechanical gears, and interesting mechanisms for our time. And the writers of that time sincerely believed that the industrial revolution would develop the work of machines so much that they would replace people everywhere. That's the way it is in Steam Vault. Great wealth and treasures are under a reliable lock from steam engines, which came up with complex combinations for the opening of treasuries. But the player, who gets to the treasure, according to the rules of the Steam Vault game will take a decent jackpot.

The goal of the game

The main goal of the player, according to the rules of the Steam Vault game, is to open underground storage of the steam engine, which holds a large prize fund Gold Jackpot of 25,000 mB. But to take from the game such a win, you need even in the most underground storage Steam Vault game to spin the wheel of fortune. If the player does not win the main prize of the game, he can receive an incentive prize of 2500 mB Silver Jackpot; and with the points he gets, player can start the game again.

The process of the game

To open the underground Steam Vault with a big win, the player needs to pick up the keys to a complex combination of a safe steam machine.

According to Steam Vault game rules, the player on each back will need to guess the match of a combination of three characters by color and shape on spinning three reels and a given steam symbol machine. Each drum in the window shows three rows of characters or only nine characters. Three of the nine characters must match in any sequence. And the number of combinations to pick up only one key is 27!!!


For each run of scrolling (spin) drums the player bets in coins. Scroll the drums to pick up the next safe key can be done every time in manual; or put on the auto machine, adjusting the winning rate, losing and the number of times Scroll.

- Minimum mB 0.004
- Maximum mB 0.1

To start the game manually, the player needs to press the Start button.
To start the auto game, you will need to choose the "Auto game" button. Select the number of automatic spins, and press the Check button.

Winning combinations

Of course, there are also winning combinations of characters on the drums. Winning payouts are made based on spin betting.
Combinations of 3 colored characters (check updated betting sizes before the game)

- Any combination of green mB 20 buttons
- Blue buttons mB 50
- Green buttons in the form of triangle mB 70
- Green buttons in the form of a square mB 150
- Red buttons mB 500

Wilds Bonus Symbols

Besides, there are also bonus symbols Wilds, which when scrolling drums remain on one move in its place. When a potentially winning bonus character combination falls out, Wilds become the symbol needed to complete this combination. Therefore, in this case, the player gets a win. When forming a winning combination of three Wilds characters on the reels, the win is 2500 mB.
According to steam Vault rules, the player also has the opportunity to play 10 free games when three Scatter characters fall out. The player will also be rewarded with a rate of 500 mB.

Steam Machine-Steam Vault and storage. Engineering

Steam Vault Casino Slot is a virtual steam engine. When the player opens the game, he sees a machine compartment with steel blue walls, copper pipes and coils, gears and jagged mechanisms. Atmospheric is the sound of the game, reminiscent of the sounds of steam engines of the past. The player will hear the sounds of clarinets, mounts, drums and strange machine sounds.

At the bottom of the window are buttons

- i - information. The player should read the payout table.
- Coins - betting sizes
- Big green button - button start spin drums
- Auto game button, and winning and losing bets
- Game Settings button

At the top of the screen are:

- Current player account
- Accruals for each back
- Betting size

Fair play

Steam Vault is a game slot, with 3 reels, 3 rows, and 27 lines. SteamPunk (steampunk) style connoisseurs will appreciate the creative graphics, sounds, and ideas of Steam Vault.
Steam Vault was released by One Touch Technology Ltd in October 2019, in a mobile version for phones, as well as in the landline version. Steam Vault has obtained a gaming license for The B2B software from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which confirms the integrity of the gameplay itself.
Steam Vault is included in the list of games in online bitcoin casino CryptoFairPlay, which operates based on the software code Provably Fair, guaranteeing the integrity of the game.

Steam Vault, this is a slot game

Gambling slots are online casino games on virtual slot machines. Online slot machines have high resolution and interesting videos nearby. The goal of slot games is to collect combinations of characters. Winning in these games is a bet multiplied by the odds set in the game.

Steam Vault is a game for SteamPunk fans

SteamPunk is a fantastic world of steam engines and retro technology. Steampunk is a world of fiction and fantasy where steam engines have reached their perfection. A distinctive feature of the style is the emphasis on the attributes of the Victorian era and technologies of the 19th century, combined with the fantasy mechanisms and technologies of the industrial industry. At first, it was a genre of sci-fi literature; today, with the advent of Steam Vault, the Steam Punk genre is becoming popular in both phone and mobile technologies!!! Potentially interested players interested in SteamPunk-style games are 4.6 million players in 26 countries.

Want to play Steam Vault from One Touch Technology?

Go to the virtual world of scientific fantasy with historical elements of bygone technology, when mechanical steam engines where the kings. Enjoy the gameplay, visual and sound effects of Steam Vault. If you like science, fiction, books, movies, games; SteamPunk style you need to try to play the Steam Vault game.

More than 2,000 gambling games have been added to the online bitcoin casino CryptoFairPlay and PlayYourBet casinos, including various variations of slot games from One Touch Technology. Thanks to the Provably Fair game process recording algorithm, you can also go back to any stage of the game and check both the integrity of the casino itself and make out when and what bets you made.

Register for free at CryptoFairPlay online casino, registration button in the top right corner of the screen, get coupons and prize bonuses at check-in, make real bets on money and start winning big wins now!

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