How to play Golden Stripe

Golden Stripe, is a new slot game that refers to online casino video games. Gambling gamers are used to the need to rotate a drum with many characters and lines in slot machines. In Golden Stripe, you need to rotate one drum that contains only five characters. Each character has its bonus factor, and in case of its fallout on the back, a bet on that symbol wins. If no symbol at the back of the drum matches the symbols on the right and left of the window, the winning points are reduced to the spin bet. The purpose of the spinning of the drum, of course, is to take the jackpot, reaching the top of the most significant symbol at the rate. The Golden Stripe game at first view may seem to be very simple. Rotate the drum, get the result! But thanks to the quality of animation, well-chosen musical accompaniment, and saturation of the color, the gameplay can take a very long time. In addition to the fun of the plot, the slot machine will please the user with a pleasant level of return, which exceeds the mark of 97 percent.


What the Golden Stripe window looks like

The design of the machine is based on red and golden colors. The first conveys the atmosphere of the background image, where the Chinese temple is located against the background of the sunset. All this is complemented by an excellent level of animation of falling petals and a traditional melody. The logo of the game machine is made in golden color, as well as its main details: the interface and special symbols on the drum.

The main idea of the game Golden Stripe

Golden Stripe game is based on the theme of the Far East with sacred animals: tigers, pandas, turtles, frogs, golden fishes. The most significant symbol of the game is, of course, a tiger, which among the inhabitants of China symbolizes protection from evil forces. It can be seen on the cover of the slot machine, as well as in the process of spinning the drum. It is the tiger symbol that has the biggest winning bet!

Symbols in the Golden Stripe slot

Although the Golden Stripe rules only have 1 or 2 characters on the drum; some levels will instantly affect subsequent wins User.

The symbols in the game are tiger, panda, turtle, frog, and fish. The characters in the Golden Stripe slot game can be of two types: natural coloring and gold.

Winning bets in the Golden Stripe

The symbol on the natural coloring drum will give the player a standard win marked in the block with the corresponding animal. The greatest possible win falls on the king of the Beasts of the Tiger, vs minimum payout will bring Pisces.

Golden Stripe game winning symbol is the symbol that when the reel rotated fell in the center, actually one on the drum.

· If the symbol falls out of the ordinary, the player will be awarded a win according to the payout table.
· If gold symbol falls on the drum instead of the standard symbol, the level of all animals will be increased to the next. The level will be raised continuously if each subsequent rotation will give out a gold symbol. If the usual images of animals are found in the gold sequence, the level will remain at the same level until the next golden symbol appears.

Levels are zeroed when two identical or different images of symbols appear on the drum.

How to manage the Golden Stripe game

Golden Stripe rules allow the user to rotate the drum both manually and automatically. Rotations can be both standard and accelerated. To make the gameplay faster and more fun, you need to use the "Turbo" feature, which can be found in the slot settings.

Also, you can turn on or off the music and move on to the history of betting. The biggest button is used to start the drum. Next to it, you can see a button with the image of coins, clicking on which the player will be able to change the amount of the bet and face value.

The automatic game will be launched in case the gamer presses the third button. The parameters of the automatic game allow you to choose the number of rotations, as well as the limit on losing or winning.

In addition to the three main functions and the settings section, the player can see the exclamation point icon on the screen, clicking on which he will be able to read the instructions. To see the golden stripe rules or change the language, you'll need to go to the menu.

There are 13 languages available to users, including Russian, English, German, French, Japanese and several others.

Game developer

One Touch Technology constantly works on the creation of the slot machines. The company is legally registered in the Isle of Man and is controlled by The Jurisdiction of Malta. The game studio was founded about 5 years ago, and the first game appeared on the market in 2016. In 2017, for the first time, the proprietary function of adapting games to all platforms was tested.

2018 was the most fruitful year for the developer because it was then that the maximum number of games with advanced functions was released. As for the range of slots, it includes more than 2 dozen games of different themes and directions.

Demonstration mode

To try your luck at Golden Stripe Slots for free and without registration, use Bitcoin online casino CryptoFairPlay. CryptoFairPlay Casino is an online gaming company based on Blockchain technology.
For bets in demonstration mode, the player will receive 5,000 virtual dollars. The gamer can rotate at minimum values or can make the maximum bet.
The free regime does not require registration. Moreover, it can be a great start for those who are still afraid to bet on the real currency. Free variation of the slot machine will help the beginner to master the first skills to start playing for real money confidently from the first minutes.
The demo of the game in the crypto casino is identical to the one that will be launched after registration and deposit for the game on real cash bets. Everything will be applied in real mode, as in the demonstration: plot, design, function and even recoil. Having previously studied the full picture, the gamer will be able to register with CryptoFairPlay online casino to get not only pleasure from the game but also a financial benefit.

Features of the Golden Stripe machine slot

· Incredibly picturesque painting
· A well-chosen melody in the background
· High RTP rate of more than 97 percent
· The opportunity to play on a free basis
· Radically different from other machines
· 7 winning levels
· The game is adapted to all platforms
· You can translate into 13 languages

Golden Stripe is worth a try to those players who are fans of ancient Chinese traditions and the Far East in general. Also, the game will be to the taste of those who like to constantly discover something new. If the gamer has previously run only classic 5×3 drum slots, he will be surprised by the fact that this Golden Stripe slot will produce a maximum of 2 characters. Such slots may become the future of gambling world!

Play in demo mode, register, bet on real money, win in the Golden Stripe in Bitcoin online casino CryptoFairPlay. Good luck!!!


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