How To Play Fortune Miner

Many are already accustomed to traditional video slots - slot machines, which not only give you the opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush, but also enjoy the winnings. The developers do not stop there and offer us more and more diverse video slots on various interesting topics, for example, Fortune Miner (translated by Fortune Shakhtar). In this article, I will tell you how the idea of ​​this game was born, How to play Fortune Miner, and what unlimited opportunities for winning this game gives us, if you follow simple rules.

The Fortune Miner game is a mesmerizing video slot with three reels, 3 rows, which give us 27 lines !!!

She was born on the basis of the history of gold miners in the wild west, who in the distant past, during the gold rush, were looking for luck. The times when people from all over the world moved to America to find the same gold mine. There are many films on the theme of this time, which colorfully describe all the difficulties of life, people who went to mine gold and jewelry in the bowels of the earth.

Someone succeeded, but someone didn’t ... So this wonderful and exciting game Fortune Miner, allows us to try our luck in search of a gold mine. And luck will surely smile for someone if you follow not complicated rules, which I will discuss in this article more ...

So, now we go directly to the rules of the game Fortune Miner. A feature of all video slots is that the rules of these games are as simple and understandable as possible, which greatly simplifies the understanding of the game and allows you to get the most out of the game.

How to play Fortune Miner?

Fortune Miner - a bewitching video slot with three reels, 3 rows, which give us 27 lines!!!

The game pays 27 lines! Winnings per line are awarded for a combination of three lines in a row, from left to right.

- You will win if the same symbols on three or more adjacent reels from left to right, in any combination!
- Winning depends on the size of your bet, in accordance with the table.
- Only the highest win on the active pay line is paid.
- Winnings on different lines are summed up at the end of each spin.
- All feature wins are combined with regular wins
- The size of the bet is the total amount of coins per spin.
- All bets and winnings are expressed in coins!

We looked at the basic rules of the game Fortune Miner (Fortuna Miner)
Now let's see what are the minimum and maximum bet limits in the rules of the Fortune Miner game!
The minimum that can be set in the game is 0.04 mBtc, but the maximum you can bet is up to 10,000 mBtc (Btc - Bitcoin).
Please note that you need to replenish the balance in bitcoins. If you click on a deposit, a window will open with a bitcoin address that you need to top up.

How to play Fortune Miner?

You choose your preferred coin denomination and bet size. After that, click the Start game button!
Now, let's take a close look at this interesting Fortune Miner video slot interface:

- Balance field - at the top of the game area you will see your balance;
- The total bet field in the upper zone reflects the total bet on the game con;
- The win field in the upper zone displays the total win on the game con;

Please note the following Fortune Miner Rules:

- In case of malfunctions, all winnings and bets are canceled;
- drums are launched using an honest and certified random number generator;

Win big money in Fortune Miner

Of course, there are no win-win strategies for winning a game. But you can increase the likelihood of winning by observing not complex game principles.

The rules of the Fortune Miner game allow you to make various variations of bets, so why not use it to our advantage. When you play this game, try to start with a small bet. You can determine the specific amount yourself, but the main thing is that the amount of this rate does not exceed 5% of your balance. Start spinning the reels. If you can’t win the first time, try to increase the bet by 1.5 times and try again. As a rule, for the third or fourth time, the reels stand up so that 40-60 coins fall out.

If you strictly observe these rules of the Fortune Miner game, then you can seriously replenish your personal budget. This method is used by all experienced players. But once again I remind you that there is no ideal scheme, and everything has its risks.

There are examples in history when famous people won in casinos, namely in similar Fortune Miner games, a lot of money. Just following these rules.

Below I give a table of payouts that may occur in the game Fortune Miner

- “Chest with dynamite” - replaces all symbols and falls on the second or third reel;
- “Chest with precious stones” - if it appears on three reels, then you will immediately receive 60 coins;
- “Kerosene lamp” - if you are lucky and have three lights, you will get 40 coins;
- "Dynamite" - the loss of dynamite on three reels, gives you 25 coins;
- “Pickaxe” - congratulations, you had a pickaxe on three reels, then take 15 coins;
- “Shovel” - if three shovels fall on the reels, you get 10 coins;
- If three gems fall out on the reels, regardless of which ones, but the main thing is that they are the same, then you will get 5 coins.

Once again, I draw your attention to the fact that in the game 27 lines are paid, the prize is awarded in the event that a combination of three symbols is dropped, from left to right. Symbols can be located at different levels, not necessarily on the same line, but always on each reel.

You see, the rules of Fortune Miner are completely uncomplicated, and understand how to play Fortune Miner is not difficult! You will not only feel the spirit of the wild west without leaving your home, but you will also be able to enjoy significant gains. Moreover, the feature of this game is a high probability of winning combinations.

The plot and rules of the game Fortune Miner, will not leave anyone indifferent! Have fun and enjoy the great Fortune Miner game, and let the miner's fortune help you win real money without leaving your home in a pleasant environment.

Make this fun miner look for a gold mine for you.

I hope I managed to clearly describe the rules of the Fortune Miner game, and they really did not turn out to be difficult for you.

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