How To Play Blackjack Classic

How to play Blackjack Classic is the key question that players who just started to play cards constantly ask. But Blackjack Classic is a very simple, understandable, but at the same time exciting card game. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has begun to be played almost in every casino. The game has gained popularity around the world, and at the moment Blackjack is one of the most beloved card game among players. The logic and applicable variants for winning strategies attract huge number of players to the game. Therefore, before start playing any variants of Blackjack better to learn rules of How to play Blackjack Classic.

What is a Blackjack?

Blackjack - it is a playing cards combination when player receives two cards: Ace and a card worth as ten (Ten, Jack, Queen, Queen) to his hand. Winning is 3 to 2.

If the player gathered 21 points with other cards (for example, cards with a face value of 6 + 7 + 8). Winning is 1 to 1.

How to play Blackjack Classic general rules

Almost all variants of Blackjack game have similar rules, it is easy to learn them and start playing immediately. The goal of the game is to outscore the dealer and gather cards valued together as close as possible to 21 points, more precisely 21; but no more than 21.

Dealer plays against all players at the same time, all player's turns and cards distribution start from the player who sits on the left side from the dealer.

Blackjack Classic uses one deck of cards. But in practice recent variant of Blackjack is more popular when 6 decks of 52 cards and 312 cards are used in the game.

After playing a bet with player: if more than one deck of cards were used in the game, cards are removed to the side; if one deck of cards was used, then cards are shuffled.

Player Bets

Before the cards are dealt, each player makes his bet. The minimum and maximum value of the bet is usually indicated on the table.

After all players have made their bets, dealer announces aloud "Bets are made." Players do not have a right to change these bets after.

Distribution of cards

Blackjack game begins with the fact that decks of cards are shuffled and cut.
Each player is dealt with one card.
The first card is dealt with a face up one by one to all players including the dealer.
The second card is dealt with a faced up to all players, but the dealer receives the second card with the faced down and only him has the right to look at it.

How to play Blackjack Classic rules for players

Stand or Hit: Each player has the right to take more cards or decide when to stop taking cards and saying enough.

Exceed the value of 21: In the case player hits another card and exceeds the value of 21 on his hand, player loses his bet and gives bet chips to dealer.

Doubling: If a player has only 9, 10 or 11 points with his cards in total, the dealer must remind the player that he has the right to play a double. Double can be played with any set of cards. In this case, the dealer is not required to remind the player about doubling. The player decides himself what actions have to be taken, but when the player chooses doubling, he doubles the bet with chips, and receives only one card.

Splitting: If a player receives cards with the same value (for example, 10 and Queen, 9 and 9, King and Jack, two sixes, and so on), the player has the right to split cards. Split is a separation of cards onto two hands and addition a bet to the second hand. Each hand plays for itself. The player decides how many cards to ask for his each hand.

If a player splits two Aces, then one card is dealt to each player’s hand.

Bow out cards (surrender): If a player is dealt with the cards that are unfavorable, he can bow out cards and make a “surrender”. So, player saves a part of his bet with surrender. It is important that the player has the right to make a surrender only when the first two cards are dealt, if the player has started receiving cards, it is already impossible to make surrender. Having bowed the cards, the player receives half of his bet back, and the cards are removed.

Player insurance: If the players see that the first top card of the dealer is Ace, players have the right to insure their bets in case that the dealer will have Blackjack when he opens the second card. The insurance is a maximum sum of the half the player’s bid.

The player has a value of 21: If a player receives a value of 21 with his cards with the additional distributed card, the game continues and the turn goes to the next player.

The player has a Blackjack: If the player has a Blackjack, and the dealer has an Ace card opened, the player has the right to declare immediately Blackjack and claim his winnings. The win will be 1 to 1. If the player forgot to announce his Blackjack card combination, the cards remain in the game until the dealer opens his cards.

Bonus card combination of 21 value

Winning bonuses are not paid when player made split or double before.

Three cards with total value of 21

If a player is dealt with three cards:

- with three various suits (for example, 6 + 7 + 8) and in total value of which is 21, winning bonus is 3 to 1.
- of the same suit (for example, 6 + 7 + 8) and total value of 21. Then the player is paid a wining bonus 5 to 1.
- three cards of different suits value of each is seven, and in total is 21. Wining bonus is 3 to 1.
- three sevens of the same suit, which total value is 21. Wining bonus is 5 to 1.

Five or more cards with total value of 21

If a player scores 21 with five or more cards:

- of five various suits, 1 to 1 bonus is paid.
- of the same suit, a bonus of 1 to 1 is paid.

Then, the player continues to play with these cards, along with the initial bet.

How to play Blackjack Classic rules for dealer

The dealer starts playing with the player who sits on the left side from him.
The dealer plays with his dealt cards with all players simultaneously.
When all players have played their turns, the dealer opens his faced-down card.
If the dealer has a value of total cards less than 17, the dealer must collect cards.
If the dealer has value of total cards more than 17 or more, the dealer is obliged to stop taking cards.
The dealer’s cards are compared with each player’s cards.

When player's cards value in total is:

- fewer than dealers cards value, the player loses his bet.
- equal to the dealer’s cards value, this сombination means that between the player and the dealer is the draw. The player’s bet is returned in full to him until the next round.

Player who has more value in cards than the dealer wins a bet 1 to 1.

The player who insured against the dealer’s Blackjack, and the dealer:

- has a Blackjack, player loses his bet, but receives the insurance ratio 2 to 1
- does not have Blackjack, player loses his insurance, and the bet continues its game with the dealer.

In case the dealer has Blackjack, player who has forgotten to announce the combination of Blackjack and whose cards remain in the game,  has a draw with a dealer and receives his bet back.

How to play Blackjack Classic in online casino CryptoFairPlay and PlayYourBet

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