How to earn as you play slot machines

How to play slot machines especially when one is a starter is very simple. And playing slot machines is fun and at times addictive. The games can bombard a person’s senses with sounds, colours, and vibrations. All these are meant to attract people to learn how to play slot machines both at land or online casinos.

There are various steps to follow in learning how to play slot machines. They are:

  • Select a good slot machine and open it on your device. The display will be occupied by the reels of that slot and the buttons for playing. The buttons include max/min wager and spin. The bankroll will as well be displayed at the corner of the display.

  • See the slot machine paytable. It will be showing the reward of each icon and you will be able to see the icons which you must look out for.

  • Select what you require to wager and the number of lines you want to use. And in case you wish to select all lines at once, you can use the highest wager button.

  • Click on spin to spin the reels. Once you win, the game will display what you have won and give you an opportunity to gamble. This offers players a chance to win more rewards through the bonus game.

  • You can go on spinning reels as many times as you want however ensure to monitor your bankroll.

The highest slot machine jackpot:

Earning a jackpot is the main thing that attracts most players. It is possible to will a big slot machine jackpot. For instance, players may win thousands of dollars or even millions on certain slot machines with just a single spin.

The highest slot machine jackpot that has ever been won was 39.7 million dollars. This win came from three dollars wager on a one-dollar denomination in Las Vegas. This was in the year 2003. A slot machine jackpot like that is very rare but if you are a committed player, you may get high wins though they won’t reach millions.

Earning: How to win at slot machines

If you are looking for how to win at slot machines hugely, consider playing the progressive jackpot slot machines. Normally, there are lucky players who win life-changing rewards through those slot machines. Games such as Hall of Gods and Mega Moolah are good examples that have paid huge wins.

When you are only interested in small but frequent earnings, you should avoid progressive jackpots.

The following tips will help you on how to win at slot machines.

  • Select the best slot carefully

To pick the winning slot, the main thing you must consider is that every slot machine is unique. The uniqueness is never only seen in sound, theme, features, and icons. Their RTP (Return to Player) also differs. Each gambling game publishes the RTP before players start playing. So, consider picking one whose RTP is high.

  • Learn how to play using demo games

Never ever start playing any slot machine for real money without learning how it works. Most casino games have a free version. Use it to learn how to win at slots without risking your money. Also, consider playing slot machines that have bonus rounds because they can help you improve your gaming skills. Avoid playing slot machines believing that you will eventually know how to make money from them, always test using the demo versions.

  • Understand the pay table

All slots have a pay table. This is a table which displays what every icon in the game pays and what the highest paying icons are. On that table is also where you will see whether a slot contains scatters and wilds.

  • Adhere to your budget

It is always recommended to set the budget before you start thinking of how to win at slot machines. Never begin the game without choosing the highest amount that you are willing to use. And once you reach that amount, avoid going on playing the game. Don’t ever wager money that you cannot afford to lose.

  • Never aim at high jackpots

The slot machines that have a small jackpot normally reward players quite often. So, if you want to win but you have no interest in huge jackpots, select the slot machines that have small jackpots. The big slot machine jackpot can be enticing but it is quite difficult to win one.

  • Wager on many lines as possible

Players that play on budget are advised to reduce their wager amount instead of the number of lines they wish to play.

  • Understand the rules of playing 

To win in slot machines, you are supposed to adhere to the lowest bet amount. So, ensure you read the playing rules of a game to avoid ending up disappointed. 

  • Utilize special features

Most current online slot machines have features such as Auto play and Fast Play which help in speeding up the game. This makes it possible to win faster.

Choosing a game: Which slot machines pay the best

There are various slots with good odds. Though you can use certain strategies to enhance the probability of winning, the winning odds can differ so much with the game you decide to play. 

When you want to increase your how to win at slots chances, consider playing low volatility games. This are the games which pay out little amounts but they pay frequently. 

High volatility slots on the other hand pay a large amount of money but the payments come less frequently. But this doesn’t imply that when you choose to play a low volatility game you will never be able to earn big. Below see which slot machines pay the best:

  • Starburst 

  • Triple Diamond

  • Jumanji 

  • Mermaid’s Millions

  • Thunderstruck II

Other things to consider when choosing a game:

It is crucial to consider the money you will afford, the extent of your tolerance risk and your overall gambling history.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • When did you enjoy a slot machine most?

  • Are you satisfied when playing consecutively to maximize the playing time?

The second thing to consider is the simplicity of how to win at slots. Simple to play games tend to pay higher. Avoid choosing a game just because it looks attractive with nice graphics. Such games can be having bad odds.

Also, slot machines that have progressive jackpots offer great rewards but low winning odds. 

And if you want to win huge, you must be comfortable with losing as well. The slot machines that pay high can be risky.


Slots are extensive and developers are always creating new ones which are more fun and engaging. The main feature you will find in most slot machines today is the scatters and wilds which benefit the games a lot. As long as you know which slot machines pay the best and you also know the best playing strategies, you are guaranteed to enjoy good wins.

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