Where to buy Binance coin?

Don’t know where to buy Binance coin? Check this out!

1. Debit/Credit Card
BNB coins can be bought using a credit/debit card. Although there are not many options available. One of the best solutions would be to use Paybis digital exchange in order to buy BNB coin using your MasterCard or Visa.
2. Wire Transfer or Bank Deposits
You can also buy Binance coins easily via fiat supporting exchanges where you can find the linked crypto wallets.
However, you need to complete the KYC before you can start trading on these exchanges since fiat currency laws from different countries require you to follow this.
Once you’re done with the KYC, you can transfer fiat currencies such as EUR and USD to most fiat supporting exchanges dealing with Binance coin.
3. Crypto Exchanges With Other Cryptocurrencies
If you do not like dealing with fiat currencies or KYC checks, then this one is a great option. You can buy BNB from crypto-to-crypto exchanges without any fiats. If you like real-time order books and already has Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, then you can easily trade them for BNB.
You only need to register yourself on one of those exchanges then bidding on their books and exchange your cryptocurrencies into BNB.
Some of the established cryptocurrency exchanges include Binance and Gate.io.