When will binance allow new users?

Find out when will Binance allow new user after temporary closing their registration.

With the surging price of crypto, demand has reached its limit where cryptocurrency exchanges are entirely swamped. Such a huge influx of users has led to most infrastructure temporarily closing their registration portals.
One of these companies is Binance. From its first day until the last half of 2017, the digital currency exchange reported a total of 250,000 users a day.
This overwhelming cryptocurrency user causes the cryptocurrency exchange platform to experience some major usability problems. Thus, last January 2018, Binance exchange has announced the immediate suspension of new users.
The company informed its clients that because of the overwhelming surge in popularity, the platform will temporarily disable new user registration in order to allow for an infrastructure upgrade.
Fortunately, the said temporary disablement of new user registration has ended a few days later and the exchange platform has reopened its door, but only to a “limited number of new registrations” allowed per day.
Binance said that this is to ensure optimum performance for their existing users and registrations open times can vary from day to day, all without prior notice.