How to tell if you have a bitcoin miner virus?

Here’s how to tell if you have a bitcoin miner virus.

Bitcoin mining uses a huge amount of computer power.
So, if a virus makes your CPU do the work, then you’ll find your computer laggy, slow and even completely unusable sometimes. Also, you will notice some serious overheating which can cause damage to your motherboard, RAM or processors.
If your computer just keeps getting slower or even shutting down from overheating, then it might have a virus. If you wish to quickly check for a bitcoin mining virus, then you can look at your RAM and CPU usage.
For Windows, you can check this in the task manager. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE. For Linux, in the distro’s system monitor.
The key here is to look for the list of running processes and see just how much RAM and CPU they’re using. If a process uses huge computer power, then take a look at its name. If it is something weird that you do not remember or recognize installing, then that could be the virus.
However, not all miner viruses aimfor your CPU. Some like to target the graphic chips. In such case, the performance of the computer will not be severely affected as in the previous one.
With this type of miner virus, system monitors or tasks manager will not be of any use since they do not display any data on GPU usage. Traditional antivirus solutions are also not capable of detecting such malware.
Instead, you need to invest in specialized antivirus solutions like Comodo, SpyHunter and DrWeb in order to spot and remove these malware.