How to send bitcoin?

Learn how to send bitcoin here!

Using a Software Wallet
• Open the software wallet you’re using.
• Click “send” options under the wallet’s menu.
• Enter the destination address for your intended recipient’s wallet.
• Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
• Review the details.
• Click “send”
Using a Paper Wallet
• Type the unique series of numbers and letters or scan the QR code printed on your paper wallet with your software wallet.
• Check the balance on the paper wallet in order to ensure that you have enough balance.
• You will either import or sweep your private key.
Take note:Importing just loads the bitcoins from the private key of the paper wallet to the software wallet. The bitcoins will be accessible in both the software wallet and paper wallet, thus it is crucial that you protect your paper wallet if you chose to import. Meanwhile, sweeping is similar to importing, but it uses a unique bitcoin address in order to protect your funds.
• Perform the bitcoin transaction as you would with your regular software wallet.