How to sell bitcoin cash?

3 ways on how to sell bitcoin cash.

1. Sell It For Other Cryptocurrencies
Since bitcoin cash is a new crypto, there isa limited number of major internal exchanges which support it. It is easier to trade your BCH tokens for other cryptocurrencies on operating exchanges like Bittrex.
2. Sell It For Cash
As of now, there are 3 major exchangesthat allows you to sell bitcoin cash for a fiat currency— (supports USD, GBP and Euros), Kraken (supports Euros) and Coinbase (supports USD).
If you are looking to exchange your BCH coins for cash, then you will need to link your banks account to the exchange and go through identity verification. After that, you can now withdraw your funds.
3. Sell it P2P
If you want to avoid the hassle of trading and withdrawing from an exchange, then you can just sell your bitcoin cash to another person. There are platforms that facilitate, direct trading between users. You only need to post an offer or respond to an existing offer posted by another user.