How to pay with bitcoin?

Learn how to pay with Bitcoin here!

1. Go to an online shop that acceptsBitcoins as payment.
2. Choose a product that you wish to buy.
3. Choose Bitcoin as your payment option when checking out. You should be provided with information about your order, its equivalent price in Bitcoins and payment options— a button or a QR code.
a. If you have a crypto wallet installed on your smartphone, then you can just use it to scan the QR code and pay in Bitcoins.
b. If you’re using a desktop wallet, then click on the “Pay using Bitcoin”. This should open your crypto wallet and create payment. Make sure to check the payment details and confirm it.
c. Now, if your wallet doesn’t respond to the “Pay with Bitcoin” button or you just want to use a web wallet to pay, then initiate the Manual payment:
i. Copy the Bitcoin address generated in the payment window.
ii. Paste the address in the “Send To” or “Recipient” field in your crypto wallet.
iii. Copy the amount of bitcoin you need to pay from the payment info and paste it into the amount field.
iv. Send the payment.