How to make money with bitcoin?

5 ways on how to make money with bitcoin.

1. Mining
Mining is the most popular way to profit from Bitcoin. This is the process by which new coins are created. It is carried out using particular computer programs and uses the processing power of a computer.
2. Writing
If you are knowledgeable about bitcoin and are quite enthusiastic about the industry, then you can share this knowledge and earn bitcoin. The amount that can be earned by writing can vary however it can be lucrative depending on your expertise.
3. Buying
Investing in bitcoin is a waiting game when its value to rise. This allows you to decide when is a great time to buy and sell bitcoin.
4. Bitcoin Trading
There’s a big money in the bitcoin trading industry. Unlike buying and holding bitcoin, trading means that you will but bitcoin at a lower price than selling them back at a higher price.
5. Investing
This is not a buy-bitcoin-sell-bitcoin type.
You can make money with Bitcoin by investing in stocks, companies, startup or even blockchain development.