How to make money of bitcoin?

Wondering how to make money off of bitcoin? Here are 4 ways you can try!

1. Bitcoin Trading
The bitcoin trading industry offers big money. Unlike the buying and holding type, trading means that you’ll purchase bitcoin for a lower price then sell them back for a higher price.
2. Bitcoin Mining
Another popular way to make money off of bitcoin, mining is the process by which a new con is generated. This task is carried out by using special computer programs and the processing power of computers.
3. Bitcoin Lending
If you have some bitcoins to spare, you can also make money with it through bitcoin lending sites. These platforms connect a crypto owner to a crypto lender for a nice interest rate.
4. Bitcoin Investment
A lengthy and risky way to make money off of bitcoin, you can invest in ICOs or IEOs.
Every project develops their own crypto token and launches an ICO or an IEO. It’s like a crowdfunding movement for early contributors.
The contributors use their own money in order to purchase these proprietary tokens. In case the projects become a success, the contributors can sell these tokens for bitcoin.