How to deposit money into Binance

Depositing cryptocurrencies into Binance is very easy. We show you steps on how to deposit money into Binance to prevent permanent loss of funds.

Time will come when relying on Bitcoinsand other cryptocurrencies will be a trend, well it happensnowadays.Gladly,transferring funds into Binance is highly possible in simple ways byjust a click away on your phone.
The first step is to open the app, look down to find the “Funds” tab, and thentap on it. Hit the “Deposit” on the upper right corner of the monitor. Next is to tap on “Select Coin” to choose the appropriate cryptocurrency wallet for deposit.You can either tap the chosen target wallet or input its ticker in the search bar.
The destination address of the coin’s wallet will appear on the screen. It can be copied into a clipboard or be scanned through a QR code.
After copying the address, open up the app you are sending the funds from. Paste the wallet address into its destination box or scan the QR code, if available. Press the send button when everything is fine.
Just sit and relax while waiting for your deposit to arrive.