How to add money to Binance

Choose the easiest way possible on how to add money in Binance for first-time traders. Check them out here.

Binance accepts trade between cryptocurrencies.Once you avail cryptocurrency, you can start trading over 200 coins and tokens on Binance. Beforehand, you need to add money on your Binance account.
First, get registered to the Binance homepage. Use an active email account to check regularly. Follow the next steps up to verifying of email to complete the process.
Second, secure your account by enabling 2FA, a two-factor authentication providing an extra form of password made by the Google authenticator app.
Funding your account is now possible. Here is how:
Go to your Coinbase account and click on ‘Accounts’. Look for the ETH wallet tab, then decide how much you will send to your Binance account, and click send. Address it to your Binance account.
Now, log in to Binance and click ‘Funds’ then ‘Deposits. Next, you need to copy the ETH deposit address into Coinbase’ Recipient box.
The amount will appear in your account after being processed by the Ethereum network.