How is bitcoin price determined?

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Bitcoin prices are influenced by several factors:
1. Supply and Demand
Countries without a fixed foreign exchange rateget to control partially how much of their own currency circulates via discount rate adjustment as well as engaging in open-market operations or changing reserve requirements.
2. Cost of Productions
Although bitcoins are virtual coins, they are produced products and have a cost of production with the electricity consumption,by far, the most important influence by far. The cost of producing bitcoins via the mining process also influence the market price.
3. Competition
Although bitcoin is popular, there are other tokens asking for user attention. The crowded field is good news for every investor since the widespread competition helps keep the prices down.
Other factors that influence the market price includes:
• The exchange it trades on
• The rewards allotted to every bitcoin miners for confirmingtransactions to the blockchain
• Its internal governance
• Regulations governing its sale