Blockchain technology has stormed our lives and changed the way we think about trade, privacy and communication.

While most people are familiar with blockchain revolutionizing areas like finance, banking and e-commerce, there are certain industries with which Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been able to connect with on a deeper level, and the gambling industry is one of those prime industries.

Gamers and Gamblers, as a group, don’t mind spending money on casinos, black jacks and other gambling acts - but they do expect to get a good value for their money and fairness in all ramifications.



Crypto Fair Play aims to change the way the gambling industry operates. Our technology will ensure the manipulations, lies and misconceptions commonly associated with the gambling industry becomes a thing of the past.

Crypto fair play advocates for true transparency and the forthrightness to check any gambling occurrence or scenario to see that is was fair and randomly generated in its outcome.

We provide you the tools to check any transaction and action happening on a gambling website, so you can be 100% sure the game is 100% fair!

Crypto Fair Play has live gambling fairness verification and we generate 100% provably fair game and always publish the edge we earn in each game with no strings attached!

We believe everyone should enjoy online gambling without any disparity in skill level, knowledge, race or wealth.

We also provide the easiest and quickest deposit and withdrawal methods in the industry. You can set your payment options in a matter of seconds without the regular, arduous and invasive need for documents and ID.

We focus on building huge gaming network of players from all around the globe by using the Blockchain to show the you how the games results were 100% randomly picked.



To revolutionize the gambling industry with transparent and affordable blockchain solutions that protects gamblers and gamers worldwide.



To change the way people gamble by providing real random scenarios for each game like no other casino does.